Friday, August 3, 2007


There was a question that had haunted me for many a year. One that didn't seem to have an apparent answer, only speculation. I had asked my parents, my friends, even God - Why, why oh WHY the hell is poop brown? Why is poop not white? Or yellow for that matter? Finally, after years of extensive research in the Comprehension of Fecal Standardization field (CFS), I stumbled upon a site that had already done the homework, and actually provided the information to this lingering question. So here goes folks, enjoy the answer to at least ONE of the questions of life -

Why is poop brown?

The color comes mainly from bilirubin, a pigment that arises from the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver and bone marrow. The actual metabolic pathway of bilirubin and its byproducts in the body is very complicated, so we will simply say that a lot of it ends up in the intestine, where it is further modified by bacterial action. But the color itself comes from iron. Iron in hemoglobin in red blood cells gives blood its red color, and iron in the waste product bilirubin gives rise to its brown color.

Please visit this site -

It truly is a breakthrough in the study of CFS.

Cheers, and enjoy the images.


Hersh said...

You should start a Wikipoopia!

Ivan's Magic Pony said...

poop is sometimes lime green- ask Calvin- he just told me all about it.

Meg said...

um... wow...and now we know

DavidBhaiSaab said...

With this article there is only 1 question left:

If potty is brown, does that mean we Indians are all potty?

Stay Indian Jesbhai: Bandra Boys 4 Life!!!